TALLINN, Patarei merekindlus / 11-12 Juuli

Interdistsiplinaarne KUNSTI- ja MUUSIKAfestival





Estonian music producer and artist Kali Briis aka Alan Olonen matured on his dad's Pink Floyd records from the age of 3. Never professionally trained, he grabbed a guitar at the age of 7 and never stopped making music since then. He describes his music a bit naive and simple, but also sharp by the sound and well systemated because he is a pedant in real life.
The soundscapes he creates depend a lot on his emotions – when he’s depressed he makes electronica, when he’s excited he makes electro, when he’s relaxed he makes rnb, when he’s bursting with energy he makes rock and when he feels elvish he makes pop. The same goes for the lyrics – they reflect his emotions. Kali writes, composes and produces all his music by himself, he also plays all the instruments himself and uses computer programs as little as possible, because they take away all the fun of music-making. 

His last album "Say Whaat? (Eesti Pops 2013) won the title of Best Alternative Album at this years Estonian Music Awards.